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Dream on: Finding The One

I often encounter the idea of 'the one.' Many believe that there is someone among the sea of people, predestined to be their romantic, life-long partner. Don't hate me if I find that hard to accept. I have fallen in-love several times already, but remain unmarried. Fine, let's call me 'single.' It must have something to do with all the stories mass media is feeding us. Recently, I came across this article in Refinery 29, by Maria del Russo. She She said: The idea of “knowing” is actually something that so many of us are taught from an early age. Romance novels and chick flicks have embedded the idea into our minds that once we find the person we’re meant to love forever and ever, we’ll be struck by some divine awareness.

Isn't it our decisions and actions that land us a partner? I agree so much with the post